Vape Shlurp Hyper Clone - Bundle Offer

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Grab the range you all know and love ... Shlurp 'Hyper Clone' and receive the original Shlrup range in it's brand new 50ml shortfill format for FREE!

Hyper Clone Bundle offer Contains the following: 

10 x 120ml space Ninja

10 x 120ml Crypto Cyborg

10 x 120ml Cyber Virus


3 x 60ml Original shlurp 50ml

3 x 60ml Cold Filtered 50ml

3 x 60ml Export 50ml


1 x Shlurp tee

1 x Shlurp CDU

1 x Hyper Clone build mat

1 x Hyper Clone X ODB Battery Wraps


Total RRP Value - £833.61