Vape Shlurp feature strikingly colourful branding and imagery, with their eJuice refills consisting of an 80/20 VG to PG mix.


The flavour blends themselves feature an array of exotic space ingredients including Intergalactic Cola, Snoz berries, Zang fruits and Cosmic Aloe Vera crystals.

Caused by a quantum seismic energy serge, a portal to a parallel dimension has opened a gateway to an alternate planet Shlurp, cloned by a Japanese crypto-mining cyborg over 4,999,620 light years from now.

Sub Ohm Juice hail from Miami, Florida, and pride themselves on being one of the more off the wall vaping brands out there, with a playful series of eLiquid names (that shouldn't be googled).

Having a bad day? Good! Suck on this... We've got Bad Drip Eliquid!

Mixed by some rather twisted individuals at Bad Drip Labs, based in NY.

As eye catching as they are tasty,

each bottle of Bad Drip comes boxed and is TPD ready.

From the makers of the Bad Drip range, Clown eLiquids were borne from a desire to create some weird and tantalising vapes using a lovely clown theme.


Rather than nice, friendly clowns, instead these are the warped and twisted clowns you'll find in the depths of a nightmare


The Weirdo's Creamery eLiquid range comes from the twisted mind of Skelly; a mysterious figure cultivating this range of vape refills from the back of a run-down Ice Cream van.


Firm friends with both the Clown range and Bad Drip Labs, there's certainly some twisted flavour blends to vape through from The Weirdos.

REST iN PiECES…diSmembered and dRaiNed LEMON remAins, spRiNkLed wiTh a suGary SWEET-TART duST.

The Drip Company range come all the way to us from Tennessee, with their eLiquid range featuring a wide array of different flavour blends and themes.


In a High VG mix of 75%, The Drip Company eJuices are suitable for Sub Ohm devices, as well as more lower-powered devices. In strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg, they're intended for the low nicotine users.

BordO2 eLiqiuds are based in Bordeaux France, and is the brain child of Oliver Medina, along with a team of best friends, ex-chefs and wine connoisseurs.


Each bottle of BordO2 is meticulously hand-crafted, steeped, and bottled to provide the finest claret of eJuice that they possibly can.

Pod Godz eLiquid are a homegrown UK brand, with a focus on producing the most flavoursome single-flavour eLiquids. Refraining from the common practice of blending multiple flavour notes together, Pod Godz have instead decided to focus on replicating common flavours, pouring their energy into making their vape eJuices as enjoyable and flavoursome some as they can.

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